Skilled and energetic coastal Satakunta region in Finland

Satakunta, the oldest historical province in Finland, is located on the southwest coast of Finland and it is one of the 18 regions in Finland. There are 18 municipalities in the region - read more about the municipalities and their characteristics.

The total population of the region is about 224 000 in 8 000 square kilometres. The regional centres are the city of Pori and the city of Rauma. Satakunta region consists of three sub-regional units. Please see presentation about the Satakunta region Finland. Our biggest functional strength is our compact area, in which the actors know each other and the special features of the region, and this enables us to work quickly, flexibly and customer-based according to the EU subsidiarity principle.

Economy and industry

The cornerstones of economic life at Satakunta region are energy production, heavy engineering, offshore, process industry, ports and logistics and diversified food industry. Pure environment attracts residents and visitors and water elements dominate the region of Satakunta. The Coastal area of the Gulf of Bothnia is a remarkable river basin and rich with lakes. Natural resources with vast protected and wilderness areas are the major strengths.

Two major ports and other connections

The Kokemäenjoki river flows through the region into the Gulf of Bothnia. It reaches the sea at Pori, forming a major estuary, which is unique in Europe for its vast area of wetlands. The Kokemäenjoki river valley has been identified as one of the major urban and infrastructure corridors in Finland. This corridor connects the most important west coast harbours Port of Pori and Port of Rauma to other industrial centres of central Finland by means of rail and road networks.

Reserach and education

The University Consortium of Pori is a centre of four universities operating networked. We also have some local research centers working in the area with close connection to the business life. Satakunta University of Applied Sciences is active in research also. Satakunta has a technology center.

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