Cooperation and networking

The Regional Council of Satakunta works for the advantage of the Satakunta region, its municipalities and people as a development, supervision of interest, research and planning organisation. Tasks include also advancing the mental and material wealth, securing a good environment and supervising the interest of the region. 

Regional supervision of interest means especially influencing in the political decision making both in Finland and in EU. In some cases this supervision is aimed at the decisions of private companies, universities and other institutions.

In supervision of regional interests it is vital to agree in vast understanding the common development aims and intents. The inhabitants of the region and all institutions such as municipalities, regional authorities, parlament members, media and organizations in different areas need to function in same direction in order to advance these commonly agreed issues.

The definition of the practical supervision of interest plans is made in the Regional Council of Satakunta according to the law defining regional development. The main tool, which is approved by the Council, is a document which defines the most important plans. Supervision of interest is made by arranging negotiations and visits, taking a stance, making initiatives and through publicity.

The aim is to get all different regional parties to work in the same direction for the benefit of the region. In order to achieve this the Regional Council of Satakunta arranges meetings and visits, takes initiatives and makes motions.

The actions of the Regional Council of Satakunta - especially supervision of interests - is mostly cooperation. The Regional Council is already in constant cooperation with municipalities as well as with their cooperation alliances.

More information about the tasks and functions of the regional councils can be found on the web site of The Finnish Regional Councils.